© Business Systematic Solution Co.,Ltd. Overview VISUAL Jobshop is an affordable, integrated software manufacturing solution for smaller order-driven manufacturing and engineering service related industries. Supporting from 1 to 10 users, it is an out- of-the-box solution offering do it yourself implementation, easy to learn features, and fully customizable reports. Visual Jobshop is not an accounting package, but a solution designed to manage and control your manufacturing operations. The comprehensive functionality goes way beyond those you will find in typical accounting packages, and is flexible, integrated, manufacturing solution providing all the tools you need to consolidate information, standardize your processes, and help control and execute your business. These tools facilitate consistency, competitiveness and profitability while establishing a migration path for company growth. Jobshop is the 'smaller brother' to the full VISUAL Manufacturing / Enterprise ERP system and shares the look and feel and many of the features found in them Visual Jobshop is particularly well suited to both manufacturing as well as engineering services companies, such as aerospace and marine repair, automation system integrators, oil and gas field services, mold- making and many others. Designed to encompass your unique business practices, VISUAL Jobshop helps you manage and execute your business operations by providing consolidated, real- time information throughout your business.