© Business Systematic Solution Co.,Ltd. Infor ERP LN provides the foundation to improve business efficiency, customer service, and manufacturing productivity. From selling and sourcing to production and fulfillment, it provides clear visibility across your business, helping you automate and manage the business processes you need to win today. You’ll see improvements in transparency of data to address your challenges, with a return on investment you don’t have to wait for. Infor ERP LN lets you:  Compete globally by supporting multiple locations, multiple partners, and complex supply chains.  Achieve optimum lean manufacturing processes.  Improve quality management and compliance.  Deliver orders on time, every time.  Increase production accuracy and manage by exception.  Leverage innovative technologies. Your users will notice a difference, too. With Infor ERP LN’s streamlined transaction processing, the number of screens and mouse clicks is reduced to a minimum. Ultimately, Infor ERP LN lets you do business better by giving you the flexibility to pursue opportunity—and meet customer demand—wherever in the world you find it.